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Nursing Intro to the Library: Professional Magazines and Academic Journals

What are professional magazines?

Professional nursing magazines:

  • are targeted to professional nurses
  • often contain articles written by nurses
  • may contain advertising and other content apart from articles
  • usually do not present original research
  • often are not peer-reviewed

Below are some examples of professional nursing magazines available at UC Library.  Follow the database link(s) to search any of these publications:

American Nurse Today

Clinical Advisor

Imprint - The Professional Magazine for Student Nurses

Nursing Reports

Oncology Nurse Advisor

Practice Nurse - The Journal for Nurses in General Practice

Reflections on Nursing Leadership

What are academic journals?

Academic nursing journals:

  • are targeted to academic audiences
  • contain articles written by researchers
  • include articles reporting original research
  • usually don't contain many advertisements
  • are considered "scholarly"
  • are refereed or peer-reviewed






Below are some examples of academic nursing journals available at UC Library.  Follow the links to search any of these journals.

Geriatric Nursing

Journal of Obstetric, Gynecological and Neonatal Nursing (JOGNN)

Journal of Professional Nursing

Nursing Outlook

Pediatric Nursing

Rehabilitation Nursing