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Health Studies Introduction: Professional Magazines and Academic Journals

Health Studies Introduction

What are professional magazines?

Professional  magazines:

  • are targeted to health care professionals
  • contain articles written by working professionals
  • may contain advertising and other content apart from articles
  • usually do not present original research
  • usually are not peer-reviewed

Below are some examples of professional magazines available online at UC Library.  Follow the database link(s) to search any of these publications:

How can I tell what type of article I'm reading?

Look for these elements in the article:

  • Background
  • Objective
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Academic research articles will almost always include sections with these headings.  If you see them, you know you're reading a research article.

These phrases are often used when describing academic journals:

  • scholarly
  • academic
  • peer-reviewed?: yes*

These phrases are often used for professional magazines:

  • professional
  • trade
  • peer-reviewed?: no*

If you found your article in a print publication, check the front pages for a list of names titled Editorial Board.  If a journal has an Editorial Board, it is peer-reviewed (also called refereed), and therefore very likely an academic journal

*Note that some professional magazines MAY be peer-reviewed, but most are not.

What are academic journals?

Academic research  journals:


  • are targeted to academic audiences
  • contain articles written by researchers
  • include articles reporting original research
  • usually don't contain many advertisements
  • are considered "scholarly"
  • are almost always refereed or peer-reviewed

Below are some examples of academic research journals available at UC Library.  Follow the database link(s) to search any of these journals.