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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Information

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

It is a free service that is offered by the Utica University Library that provides books and articles that are not available at our library and may be requested to be loaned from other libraries. Current students, staff, and faculty are allowed to request ILLs.

What is ILLiad?

It is an automated, paperless system that enables a user to submit and track their interlibrary loan requests easier and more efficiently. Users are provided with features such as checking on the status of requested items, renewing items, canceling requests, and receiving notifications electronically via email of items as they arrive. ILLiad can be accessed anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

Checking Availability First

Please check the Utica University Library catalog and online databases before submitting an ILL request. We may already own the item that you are looking for, and it can save you the time and effort of submitting a request by going through the databases first.

For books and articles: try searching the Utica University Catalog by going here.

For articles only: try searching the journal title via the Utica University E-Journal Portal here.


How long will it take to get my request?

It depends on the type of material. Digital requests like articles and e-books usually take no more than a day or two. However, physical materials can take up to a week and a half to arrive because of shipping. We get materials from all over and that usually takes the most time.

What happens if I can't get into my account?

Email Us! We can help reset a password or see if there is something wrong with your account, most of the time it is a straightforward fix.

What can I request through ILL, can I get textbooks?

You can request many materials like e-books, physical books, articles, fiction, non-fiction, comics, manga, and graphic novels! You can check to see if a textbook is available through Interlibrary loan. However, it is not a guarantee because not all libraries keep textbooks in their collections. 

If I'm a distance student or faculty can I request physical materials?

Absolutely! Whether it is a book we own or another library owns, we can ship the material to you to lend and provide a return label so you don't pay for any shipping costs. For more info click HERE