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Utica University Theses & Capstones

Guide to finding examples of Utica University theses and capstone projects

Utica alumni who have submitted approved capstones and theses can provide open access to their work by contacting ProQuest's Open Access Publishing Plus or the Utica University Graduate Studies office. 

Open access capstones and theses can be accessed via PQDT Open, ProQuest's open access portal.

Finding Theses & Capstone Projects

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses at Utica University - September 2013-Present

You will be prompted to login with your Utica Universitycredentials. If you are a currently enrolled student or on staff, search by title, author, program name. You can download the full PDF for personal use.

If you have completed studies and are no longer enrolled at Utica University, email the Library Information Desk for assistance.



Sept 2000 to Sept 2013
Library Catalog

Refine your search by adding a keyword in the box at the top of the first result screen.



Have Questions?

For Help with Thesis Process & Submission
Graduate Studies Office
(315) 792-3335  

For Help Searching for a Thesis
Library Information Desk
(315) 792-3044 I