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Welsh Collection at Frank E. Gannett Library

Special collection of publications primarily in Welsh and largely published in the Central New York region in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Access and use is restricted. By appointment only.

Nassar Bibliography (1998)

Welsh Imprints of Central New York 2nd ed.
Handlist of ttiles printed in the Rome-Utica-Remsen area, not limited to Utica College holdings.

Below is a short title list of items in Nassar 1998 but not found or identifiable in the Utica College Library catalog (as of 2012).  A couple items are not in special collections but are now included in the regular collection.

Yr Aelwyd = The hearth

Alaw, Owain.The Ash Grove, English and Welsh words written by Talhaiarn

Bevan, Isaac. Pregeth ar ddilead pechod gan yr Arglwydd Iesu Grist, drwy ei aberthiad ei hun

Chidlaw, B. W. The American, which contains notes of a journey from the Ohio Valley to Wales [photocopy]

Chidlaw, Benjamin Williams. Yr American, yr hwn sydd yn cynnwys Nodau ar daith o ddyffryn Ohio I Gymru

Chidlaw, Henrietta. Sunset and evening star (in regular collection)

Y Cor-drysor. The baptist musical treasure

Credle, E.T. "French Road Church"

Daniel, John R. Cofiant y Parch. Griffith Roberts

Davies, David. Cofiant y diweddar Barch. Thomas Foulkes

Davies, Edward. Grawnwin aeddfed

Dodd, A.H. The Character of Early Welsh Emigration to the United States

Dyngarwr. 1843-1844. Eisteddfod, Utica, N.Y. Eisteddfod Cymreigyddion

Eisteddfod, Utica, N.Y. Rhaglen swyddogol

Eisteddfod, Utica, New York, 1923-1924. Cyfansoddiadau buddugol

Ellis, David Maldwyn, 1914- "The assimilation of the Welsh in Central New York"

Evans, Robert. Blwydd-lyfr y Cynulleidfawyr yn y talaethau unedig, am 1875

Evans, William R. Hanes sefydliadau Cymreig siroedd Jackson a Gallia

Griffiths, John W., of Bangor, Pa. U.S.A.Y bod o Dduw sef llaw-lyfr y dosbarth duwinyddol

Hartmann, Edward George. Americans from Wales (in regular collection)

Hartmann, Edward George. "Welsh settlements in the United States"

Haul Gomer. 1848.

Howell, Llewelyn D. Traithawd ar ddechreuad

Hughes, William R. History of the Welsh Congregational Church of Fair Haven

James, Thomas L. "The Welsh in the United States"

Jones, E. D. Manuscripts of Welsh-American interest in the National Library of Wales

Jones, Emrys. "Some aspects of cultural change in an American Welsh community"

Jones, J.D. Mountains of Cambria

Jones, J. Edward. [Family letters and photos]

Jones, J. J. The legend of Madoc

Jones, John R. Hanes yr eglwysi Cymreig yn Columbus

Kneller, Pam. "Welsh immigrant working women in Utica"

Lewis, Idwal. "Welsh newspapers and journals in the United States”

Mills, Richard, 1800-1844. The Songs of Zion Welsh language

Newyddion Tref Remsen

Owen, Bob. Bedyddwyr Cymraeg yr unol Daleithiau

Owen, Bob. Yr ymfudo o Sir Gaernarfon i'r Unol Daleithiau

Owen, Bob. Taeniad ymfudwyr y sir yn y gwahanol daleithiau

Rees, William [Gwilym Hiraethog]. Y Cyfarwyddwr

Remsen- Steuben Cemetery burial lists and index (in regular collection)

Roberts, D. Hywel E."The Printing of Welsh Books in the United States"

Roberts, E[van] O. Hanes Eglwys Gymreig

Senchyna, Alexander. "Augustus Loring and Alice Butler Richards"

Seren Oneida (not in OCLC)

Thomas, Howard. The Road to Sixty (in regular collection)

Urdd Y Gwir Iforiaid. Rheolau Mewnol Cyfrinfa Goronwy

Williams, Daniel. Hanes Boreuol Ardal Proscairon

Williams, Daniel Jenkins. One Hundred Years of Welsh Calvinistic Methodism in America

Williams, Jay G. Memory stones (in regular collection)

Williams, Robert. "The Settlement of the Welsh in Oneida County

Wynne, Leonard T. "An examination of the Journal of the St. David's Society"

WorldCat Bibliography

  • Welsh Collection in the Utica College Catalog
    (OCLC WorldCat records)
    These records represent holdings in Speial Collections, both books and periodicals.  Access is restricted. 
    This WorldCat list can be manipulated as well as exported as a spreadsheet. "Notes" have been added relevant to Utica College holdings
  • Welsh Collection Supplement
    (OCLC WorldCat records)
    In many instances item is on microfilm. Some items may no longer be in the collection (see notes below). Some items (in most cases titles not published in New York state or recent) were not filmed.
    This WorldCat list can be manipulated as well as exported as a spreadsheet.  "Notes" have been added relevant to Utica College holdings

"Notes" in the records:

  • Microfilm number: listed as MN# beginning as 100.1
  • UC SL: listed in the photocopied shelf list as part of the microfilmed collection (dated 1983) but not in the current catalog
  • Nassar 1998. In second edition of Eugene Nassar bibliography, Welsh Imprints of Central New York, but not in catalog, often NOT published in central New York
  • Copy scan: URL address of a copy freely available on the Web. Library listed when clear.
  • Periodical designation: Most but not all periodicals were excluded from the microfilm
  • Other notes

Microfilm Shelf List (1983)

Welsh Imprints of New York State on Microfilm in the Library of Uttica College of Syracuse University
PDF of photocopied shelf list cards (dated 1983) of items microfilmed (1989)