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Welsh Collection at Frank E. Gannett Library

Special collection of publications primarily in Welsh and largely published in the Central New York region in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Access and use is restricted. By appointment only.

About This Guide

 This guide presents records for the Utica University Library Welsh collection in two compilations, items listed in the current Utica University Library catalog housed in Special Collections and a supplemental list of items found in OCLC WordlCat which includes some items that may have once been in the collection but are no longer and yet may be part of the film collections, see below.

Utica University Welsh Collection. Or see tab above.

NOTICE:  Access to these items is restricted to qualified researchers by appointment.  Photocopying of often fragile material is not permitted.

About the Collection

The Welsh Collection at Utica University Library represents a special collection with "clearing house" elements for Welsh imprints . See box below and also the preface to "Welsh Imprints of Central New York: A Preliminary Inventory" for the background. (Further, the Library has also been a repository for some local Welsh materials from the communities in and around Utica; these remain to a large extent uncataloged).  

Based on a shelf list from 1983, large parts of the collection, as then comprised, were microfilmed in 1989 (fifty four reels total). Utica University Library kept the archival master set. Hamilton College Library (Clinton, NY) has a service copy. Accompanying the film was the list of photocopied shelf list cards rather ambiguously entitled "Welsh Imprints of New York State." The film collection includes many titles published outside central New York but held in this region. In addition to this 54 reel set, significant periodical holdings were also separately microfilmed and are now housed in the collection.

The guide focuses solely on published items and, of course, is subject to revision.

Clearing House

From Welsh Imprints of Central New York (1996 edition)

..."it is the intention of Utica College to serve as a clearing house for Welsh Imprints of CNY, so as to spread duplicates, xeroxes, and microfilms to interested institutions in the area, in America, and in Wales." p. 5

"It should be noted that we have sent off hundreds of Welsh language books printed in Wales to large university collections..." p. 8

Quoted from: Nassar, Eugene. Welsh Imprints of Central New York: A Preliminary Inventory[Photocopy]. Utica, NY: Utica College Ethnic Heritage Center, Utica College of Syracuse University, 1996.