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Kanopy Streaming Videos




Kanopy is a database of more than 30,000 streaming videos, including classic, independent, and documentary films. This database includes a diverse collection of films in a variety of subjects, which are listed here:

Faculty and students can request a video and (as approved) it will be ready within 24 hours for one year.

  • Watch films on UC computers and your devices, such as lap tops, desktops. etc. from on campus or off.
  • Add films to a Watchlist
  • The films also come with public performance rights, meaning that they can be shown in the classroom but also at campus-wide, advertised events.

Help Trial Additional Streaming Services

The UC Library is conducting several trials of other streaming services commonly used by colleges.

We have set up trials for two of these services.  The third  (see below) is a demo set with limited selections.

Please send us your impression on these services. Does it cover areas that would be beneficial for UC students?  Send email to