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Streaming Video Collections





Due to the high cost of streaming Kanopy titles, the library now provides direct access to a large part of Kanopy, but not to every title.  Browsing the Kanopy platform by category/topic will show which videos are immediately available.

Faculty and instructors can request from the full collection by using the search feature and within Kanopy requesting it.

PLEASE NOTE:  UC faculty and instructor requests need to include full name, instructor name, course name & number as well as the date needed.  The library will then determine availability and reply in a timely manner. Approved titles are available within two to three days for one calendar year, and are renewable.


  • Watch films on UC computers and your devices, such as lap tops, desktops. etc. from on campus or off.
  • Add films to a Watchlist
  • The films also come with public performance rights, meaning that they can be shown in the classroom but also at campus-wide, advertised events.