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International Studies

Guide to Resources for International Studies


What is a Peer Reviewed article?

Peer reviewed articles are those found in peer reviewed or refereed journals. These journals are scholarly/academic in nature and the articles published in them go through a rigorous review process before being accepted for publication. Peer reviewed articles are often written by the person/team that actually conducted the research and performed the data analysis contained in the article. Faculty encourage students to seek out and rely on peer reviewed materials as a way of ensuring that you are finding and using quality research.

  • Choose a database to begin your research
  • If you do not get good results, try another database 
  • We recommend the following for beginning your research

Academic Search Premier

The largest scholarly, multidisciplinary database designed specifically for academic institutions. Academic Search Premier a good place to start.  

Academic OneFile

Contains peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the leading journals and reference sources. Extensive coverage of the sciences, technology, medicine, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects.

Directory of Open Access Journals

DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals in a variety of academic disciplines.

JSTOR Arts and Sciences

Especially strong in history and related areas, JSTOR is a scholarly, full text journal archive with an integrated search engine. JSTOR covers the core research and society publications in the humanities and social sciences.   Tutorial

Political Database of the Americas

The Political Database of the Americas offers centralized and systematized information about institutions and political processes, national constitutions, branches of government, elections, political constitutional studies and other subjects related to the strengthening of democracy in the region.

ProQuest Social Science Journals

ProQuest Social Science Journal Collection is a definitive resource for those who need access to a variety of scientific journals. The database includes over 565 titles, with 58% available in full text. ProQuest Social Science Journals provides information on hundreds of topics, including demography, political science, and policy studies.

Project Muse

Scholarly full text e-journal collection with an integrated search engine that provides access to titles in the humanities, arts and social sciences.


ScienceDirect is one of the largest providers of scientific, technical and medical literature. With over 1100 peer-reviewed, high impact journals available in full text, this database is a perfect starting point for research in medicine, technology, sciences, and social sciences. is the US Government's official web portal. You can contact agencies. Under Explore Topics, you can search and access a wide range of government information sources.

Click here to access lists of available government and international relations journals.