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Walter D. Edmonds Collection

Personal papers and library of Walter Dumaux Edmonds, well known New York author.

Walter D Edmonds Papers

The Edmonds Collection of personal papers consists of a wide range of correspondence with his fellow authors, contemporaries, family and friends, publishers, literary agents, etc. The papers also include a large amount of miscellaneous material kept and filed by Edmonds.

The collection has been thoroughly indexed and organized by box and folder numbering.

Index of Walter D. Edmonds Materials, Edmonds Room, Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library. 
This document is a useful finding aid to the collection. Note that index entries beginning with the words A and The are alphabetized as A and T.

Here is a link to a pdf of a complete list of contents by box and folder number. The folders retain Edmonds' own filing system and naming.

Note that the Edmonds Room also contains some realia and artifacts housed in the room.

Some Names in the Files

Here is a sampling of the variety of people that have files in the Edmonds Papers. Consult the full register for the entire contents

  • Adams, Samuel Hopkins
  • Auw von, Ivan
  • Beaudoin, Raymond
  • Begley, Ed
  • Bond, Nancy
  • Brooks, VanWyck
  • Burchfield, Charles 
  • Cerf, Bennett
  • Conway, Jill
  • Copeland, Charles
  • Curtis, Charles
  • DeVoto, Bernard
  • Dewey, Thomas E.
  • FDR (sic)
  • Fenton, William
  • Forbes, Esther
  • Frost, Robert
  • Hass, Bob
  • Hemingways Letter (sic)
  • Hitchings, Sinclair
  • Johnson, Nunally (sic)
  • Kavanaugh, Bill
  • Levine, Philip
  • Lyons, Louis
  • Marquand, John
  • McCord, David
  • North, Sterling
  • Moynihan, Daniel
  • Noyes, Pierrepont
  • Ober, Harold
  • Olding, Dorothy
  • Peattie, Louis Redfield
  • Plimpton, Francis
  • Richter, Conrad
  • Sarkissian, Adele
  • Sarton, Mary
  • Schlessinger, Arthur
  • Sedgwick, Ellery
  • Smart, Charles Allen
  • Stetson, Charles
  • Thompson, Kay
  • van Loon, Hendrick
  • Williams, Esther
  • Wilson, Edmund
  • Wright, Richard