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Walter D. Edmonds Collection

Personal papers and library of Walter Dumaux Edmonds, well known New York author.

About the Walter D. Edmonds Collection

The Walter D. Edmonds Collection houses the personal library and papers of the well-known New York author. Access to archival material is restricted and by application.

Edmonds' personal library includes editions of all of his books as well also books from his own library (many used in his work) now housed in the Edmonds Room. This is a browsing collection, available for in-library use only.

Edmonds' personal papers and other material are also housed in the Edmonds Room. Access is restricted and governed by the library's special special collection policies.

About Water D. Edmonds

Walter Dumaux Edmonds (1903-1998) is the well-known author of Drums along the Mohawk (1936) and many other popular classics as well as award winning books for young readers. Born at his family's summer retreat, Northlands, on the Black River near Boonville, NY, Edmonds depicted life in upstate New York State from the War of Independence to the building of the Erie Canal.  

Edmonds' historical fiction chronicles the lives and times of ordinary citizens in New York's rich history.