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APA 6th Edition: Interviews

Utica College Library Guide to APA Citation Style

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APA Style for Citing Interviews

by Timothy McAdoo (APA Style blogger)

“I’m quoting Johnny Depp from an interview I read in a magazine. But the Publication Manual has no reference format for interviews. What do I do?”

I’ve always said there are two types of interviews in this world: those you conducted and those you didn’t! Let’s look at both. 

The guidance on p. 179 of the Publication Manual about citing personal communications mentions “personal interviews” as one example. Let’s say you interview a professor about her lifetime of work in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. Because a reader would not be able to find your interview in print or online, no recoverable data are available. You’ll need to use the “personal communication” in-text citation style shown on p. 179.

Of course, these days it can be easy to make your data recoverable. If you have a blog or another publishing outlet online, you could post the text of your interview. Then you’d want to follow the appropriate reference format.  If you’ve posted to your blog, for example, use the Example 76 (“Blog post”) on p. 215 of the Publication Manual

Finally, if you’ve simply read an interview conducted by someone else, you should pick the reference format appropriate for the source. If you read the interview in a magazine, for example, you’d want to follow Example 7 (“Magazine article”) on p. 200.

I hope this post clears up that small point of confusion about citing interviews.

Interviews (p. 179)

Personal interviews are not included in the reference list because they do not provide recoverable data. Cite them in-text only, as "personal communication."

(For citing a published interview, follow the format for book, journal, magazine or other media where the interview appears.)
Reference list:
Not included.
In-text citation:
(Interviewee First Initial. Second Initial. Surname OR Pseudonym, personal communication,
          Month Day, Year)


     (Y. Martel, personal communication, April 15, 2015)


Student conducting a personal interview

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