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ENG 101/102: Basic Research

For English 101 and English 102 essay research and writing assignments

Early Birds Gets the Worm

Start early...try a  library database

  • Not Enough articles?  Broaden the search
  • Too many articles?  Narrow the search
  • Ask for help!



FIRST:  Identify your research topic

Example of an undergraduate research topic is: "It is appropriate for women to have combat roles in the military."   

SECOND:  Identify the major concepts in your topic

The two main elements of the chosen topic could be "Female" and "Military" but note also :Women"

THIRD: Develop keywords related to the major concepts

Now that you have major concepts, think of synonyms that may also describe them. For an example, see the table below: 

Major Concept 1: Female Major Concept 2: Combat
Female/Females Combat
Women/Woman Role
Sexism/Feminism Armed Forces | War | Defense
Gender Army | Branches
Military | Personnel | Service